Welcome to Mabuhay Beach House

Beachfront Access Located at
Station 3 Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan


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Mabuhay Beach House

Boracay Beach Houses

Mabuhay is a Filipino greeting, usually expressed as Live! We welcome you to our premium beach house on Station 3’s quiet beachfront. Live your tropical vacation in our fully accredited Boracay beach house. We have fully Authority to Operate on Boracay island, so our guests don’t have any difficulty entering.

People love our luxury oceanfront views; watch the Sun-kissed shore, white-capped waves, and wave at the gently swaying palms. Here at the Mabuhay Beach House, we are committed to making your stay seamless, luxurious, and the utmost in extraordinary.

Our two-story Beach House offers views all along White Beach, with your own slice of gorgeous beachfront. There are four bedrooms including the second-floor oceanfront master loft with king-size bed, private kitchen, shower room, working area, and large viewing balcony. The three smaller rooms come with the comforts of a king-size bed, and 2 queens. The large living room with gourmet kitchen & dining areas offers an ocean view both inside and out.

Mabuhay Beach House Boracay

Master Bedroom

Mabuhay Beach House Boracay

Ground Floor Bedroom

Mabuhay Beach House Boracay

Guest Room One

Mabuhay Beach House Boracay

Guest Room Two

Mabuhay Beach House

Magnificent Beachfront property

Nothing compares to waking up to a sharp clear sky, shimmering blue waves and the smell of fresh sea winds. Guests can lounge on the beach beds & relax under the sun. Crystal clear waters await just a few meters in front of you – A perfect beach retreat.

The cozy ambiance quickly helps our guests feel like the owners of an idyllic home away from home; with the conveniences of the modern home and complete amenities, rarely does anyone want to leave.

Modern Rustic design and Wooden Accent

A touch of nature in Mabuhay’s architecture is a feast for the eyes and has demands calm away from the concrete jungle. Designed to unwind, the spacious and airy beach house is just as comfortable as it looks.

Mabuhay Beach House has an unobstructed view of the ocean and on clear days, you can see all the way to Caluya Island. Pristine blue waters, shimmering white sand & coconut trees dancing on the sea wind – a true tropical paradise.

Mabuhay Beach House

Google Reviews

All thumbs up for Nora. Perfect private house right on the beach .

thumb Anne Mondres
November 13, 2017

Ausome place. Its was 2009 the last time i visited this great vacation spot. Nice location . Nice managment and wonderful rooms . I will go back and would recommend to anyone who wants to relax, the beach is perfect and quiet. And its a short walk to many great eating places and shopping .

thumb Allen Evans
January 4, 2019

Great place to stay in with family or friends. Spacious rooms and kitchen is completely set up. Some furnitures are bit old and needs to be replace to have more comfortable stay at the property.

thumb Angelica Casacop
June 8, 2022

Beachfront 2-storey villa. Perfect location.

thumb Sergey Povarenkin
April 4, 2018

Things to do near our beach house!

Coming to Boracay to spend time relaxing on the beachfront of your own private house is an excellent activity in itself, but there are lots of other great things to do on Boracay. Our guests like to enjoy the free nearby activities like snorkeling and swimming. Walking up and down the beach you can find several great restaurants very close by the house and shopping at D’mall is perhaps a fifteen-minute walk. If nightlife is something you’d like to enjoy, Boracay is always exciting and there are a lot of things to do after hours, even in 2022!

Mabuhay Beach House Boracay